The Right Path: The Eight of Disks

The Right Path: The Eight of Disks


Tarot of the Trees, Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Disks is a nice card to flow from the Knight/Prince of Disks (in my reading, not sequentially). There is a fulfillment to it, although it’s not the opulent ten. It’s a humbler version, like the mutable Virgo who influences the card. Don’t, however, mistake its humility for a lack of ambition, though and don’t even think about resting on laurels. Also, don’t go down a wayward path. Make minor adjustments as needed but if this card is well positioned and given good context, you can be pretty sure that this is going in the right direction. The following cards in the suit of Disks bear that out. This eight represents an affinity with material things and eights flourish in the realm of things.

Get ready to work though. There is a sense of symmetry and repeatability in different versions of the Eight of Disks. Rider-Waite has a journeyman (whom I often think of as the Prince of Disks), at his bench hammering out a disk identical to the others. He has designed his template (Three of Disks) and now it’s time to follow through with the labor.  But there is a sense of power (from the sun and the eight) that juices the machine. This work is going places, it’s fire and earth, a combination that gave mankind everything it ever needed to progress as a civilization. Perhaps you have tapped into a larger energy–the flow of a story, the energy of a movement or a spiritual belief. You just have the sense that you are right.

The downsides of this card are not dissimilar from the Knight/Prince of Disks although the card doesn’t usually lead to over-intellectualizing. You want to keep your flow going. You don’t want to fatigue. Adjustments you make at this point are truly microscopic (like that of the spectacular mechanism of plant biology) but KEEP GOING. If you are wavering between a lazy nap and pushing through another couple hours of work, pick the one that will produce the best output. That is not always more work.

Also, coins don’t always refer to work or material things. My mind tends to go there first but often I realize that the card is talking about my own matter, my body. This card also comes up a lot for me and given my chronic illnesses I will heed it as a warning that I should not overexert myself and that slow and steady win the race. The sun, after all, is the real power here and it is indefatigable. Make sure you are attending to your needs as a whole person so that you can put forth the pest possible output.


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