The Lord-Lady of Love, Two of Cups

The Lord-Lady of Love, Two of Cups

In talking about Tarot within the massive scope of the Kabbalah, the twos represent Chokma who sits atop the tree of life, under the dark sun of Kether and across from his bride, Binah. It’s hard for many of us who have a modern and more fluid understanding of gender to deal with the archaic-sounding nature of that statement. In the tarot, principles are talked about as feminine or masculine but those notions are too binary for our culture. For at least those of us who discuss gender from a feminist, post-feminist or genderqueer perspective, it ain’t that simple.

Study of the Kabbalah through tarot would reinforce the notion that “male” and “female” are on an intrinsically entangled continuum. The journey of the Kabbalah, of the tarot and of other things that attempt to disentangle and make equal the sexes, is the journey toward something infinitely more complex. The occult looks toward the microfibers that compose the binary with the understanding that the binary is merely shorthand for every instance of the phenomenal way we experience the divine. I will revisit that later.

Chokma is the Sepiroth assigned to all twos. It is the primary way we interface in real life with the myriad ways divinity manifests. In the case of the cups, it’s love. Most people only experience the primary divine that is kether-water as chokma-love. Often the love between two individuals, why may be divine in itself, but in some cases it is infinite love of god. In Thoth, divine love cascades from the one chalice to the two equal but opposite dolphins to the many manifestations of the cups. The two of cups is complex enough to accommodate all of these love forms.

With the twos there is a constant flow between the instances of the element. This aspect is particularly exalted with the cups as water naturally flows. The type of love represented by this card is one of freeflowing communication, emotion and intuition. These individuals can communicate as one because they are part of the same essential unity. 

Negative aspects to be aware of include codependencies, breakdown of communication or unrequited love. The two of cups, ill-dignified, does not have a singular emotional flow. Some questions:

What type of love is the universe presenting to me? Am I seeing all aspects of it?

Am I allowing for the equal flow of emotions? Am I presenting an open heart?

Am I relying too heavily on another to define me? How do I create boundaries that allow for the healthy flow of love?


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