The Hidden Web – The Magus/Magician

The Hidden Web – The Magus/Magician


I was not surprised to draw The Magus card today. I have been working the realm of the Hierophant, studying astrology so that I have a deeper understanding of the cards and my own “soul map.” In fact, the mental energy of doing that and making those connections for myself about my own life has caused some restlessness and whirring thoughts (unsurprising with my Gemini Ascendant and Neptune opposition Ascendant). I have been trying to figure out a way to balance my need for structure with my mental vacillation and need for freedom.

Enter the Magus/Magician. Like The Fool, The Magus has access to abundant tools. Unlike The Fool, The Magus knows how to apply his knowledge and intellect to get results. The Fool blunders in, harnessing his action to instinct in order to punch a hole into the universe of the major arcana. The Magus, on the other side of that hole has both instinct and practice. He is often depicted as the god Mercury who can be a glib communicator talking circles around the heads of his listeners like a charlatan. He can also be a gifted orator who uses his cleverness to move his message. Mostly he is a creature who can use the word to create.

In this way, he represents the notion that magick is a real, creative force. It is the application of the idea to the elements in order to bring something into existence that is greater than the sum of its parts. He applies his intellect to create realities. He balances the elements, just like an alchemist. He is the word of the divine manifesting through lived experience.  One thing that interests me about this card is that he is the “first” card of the major arcana, or at least her is numbered 1 (The Fool is numbered 0). At the beginning of the journey through the major arcana he already possesses these advanced abilities over the elements. This is the energy of the infinite which is depicted over the crown of The Magus in many traditional decks. In Thoth the infinity sign is shaped from a snake connecting it to the Two of Disks in the same deck.

In Thoth you can see the narrowed head of the old Aeon floating in the webbing behind The Magus. This reminds us that all of this has happened before. The journey through the Major Arcana is in no way straightforward but it always comes back to The Fool and The Magus who are two sides of the same disk. The Magus creates the 1 from the 0–he individuates a direction, he is the impulse behind the new beginning who understands that the source is boundless.

The Magus offers the opportunity to put your mental facilities to work in order to create a new chapter in your life. Efforts to rise above your current situation or to tunnel into another volume altogether will find support through The Magus. He is linked through the webbing that connects the ideas and creative impulses of the universe to the divine.

If ill-dignified, The Magus is reckless with his gifts. Either he squanders them (missing a window of opportunity to create real change) or his intentions are slippery like the charlatan who hocks snake oil that will magically transform your life but only enriches his pocket. This can be a warning that things that seem too good to be true, in fact are and you might wind up back in the position you were ready to surpass. It could also mean that his energy lacks focus and is ungrounded. This could be dangerous and precautions are needed (especially if you are doing magick). So as always it is good to question The Magus.

What aspect of my life needs some divine attention?

What are the opportunities that are currently presenting themselves? How can I use my skills to find an entryway?

Where is the magick in my everyday life? How could I create some?

Is my gut telling me something or someone is a little too good to be true? How do I use my own talents (or Google) to find out what is real in this situation?

Am I focused and grounded? What can I do to reign in restless energy so it can be utilized and not wasted?


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