The Empress and the Queen of Cups: Femme-powerment in Action!

The Empress and the Queen of Cups: Femme-powerment in Action!

I thought this duo had a nice symmetry to it. The Empress is the card of Mother Nature, she is a super-sized nester, cuddling into the security of mountains and forests. She is the universal force of thriving and growth, sometimes a signal that a querant might expect to expect. She has a lot of power and all of that is directed toward growth, abundance and making a home. Her mission is to create beauty and life–it’s not just mindless replication but thoughtful artistry. On the flip side, her weakness rears its head when the places the needs of others over her own to an unhealthy degree. The love and bounty she creates in her healthy state is twisted into neediness. Instead of the free exchange she usually offers, her generosity could come with a passive-aggressive stinger.

Her sidekick, the Queen of Cups embodies water. Her power exists in the almost boundariless way she relates to others, reflecting their emotions and truly understanding their motivation. As a sidekick to the Empress, she holds up a mirror that doesn’t just reflect the Empress herself but allows her to peer into the emotions and motivations of others in order to set limits for herself and know that her loved ones can care for themselves. The QOC could present a problem if the querent misinterprets the messages, using them to further twist her relationships and her emotions, believing it comes from the depths when it really comes from the surface.

Ultimately, there is a balance in this Superhero/Sidekick relationship that made me think a couple times about who was the superhero and who was the sidekick. The ability to foster growth, beauty and abundance is pretty impressive; the pure empath also has a deep skillset that can potentially mirror that of others. Together they create a structure that can support a relatively pure representation of water. I think the combination represents a massive “feminine” show of force.


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