The Door Unlocked: The Eight of Wands

The Door Unlocked: The Eight of Wands


Position 3, Past

An unexpected thing started to happen to me as I began this project of pulling cards and writing about them. It became apparent that I was doing  a reading for myself. I think that it’s important to understand the self-referential relationship between reader and cards if we are ever going to get good at this. We see ourselves in them. It’s part of the art and doesn’t make it less valid as a divinatory tool. In fact, it helps that we relate to the cards in our own ways. It’s like a common alphabet that we are given, told the meaning of and then start to use going further and further down the rabbit hole of personal meaning. We can always refer to the little book that came with the deck of cards or any number of reliable sources in search of objectivity, but at the end the eight of swords might mean something different to me when I see it in a reading than it does to you.

Which is why I constantly return to basics. The eight of swords is a card of the benevolent archer Sagittarius and while perhaps he can be a bit overbearing at times, Mercury lightens that right up. What we have with the eight of wands is not just any communication but a communication with some kick. The wands indicate that this is from on high. When I see the eight of wands in my reading I know my chickens are coming home to roost. All of the breathing into the pose, all of the shaking and exerting of will, all of the practice in the face of pain and discomfort is over now. I can release.

The energy coming off the wands is positively charged. The rain is now a rainbow and the world is prismic. I would be remiss to mention that the wands might represent an energetic force like magick, even prayer. This could be that entryway that you have been asking for. And the door within is definitely unlocked.

The warning the card offers is that change, as always, necessarily jostles things. The eight of wands also has a whole lot of energy, frisky Mercury flitting through Sag’s flames. With the eight of wands, this is most likely a good energy, but it can be intense. It also is fast like pulling a band-aid off before the wound has completely scabbed over. So while this relief is most likely welcome, brace yourself, if you get the chance.

This is an exciting time. Some things to ask yourself…

Is there something I’m expecting?
What can I do to prepare myself?
If in the past, What has changed and what do I need to pay attention to?


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