Tarot Meanings

I have started a project of pulling a card every day and writing about it and it became this blog it also became an uncanny personal reading

This blog discusses how the tarot is translated across decks like Rider-Waite, Tarot of the Trees, Thoth and others too. It’s a thick story about Qabala, mythology, astrology, symbolism and numerology, about objects, the many forms of energy available to us, emotional depths and ideas. It’s hypertext narrative that accounts for the micromoments in our lives as well as the overarching storyline. 

Feel free to add your insights and interpretations. Sometimes we see different things in the cards. I like to see the tarot as a massive text linking us with vast, deeply layered meaning as it collides with the moments of our lives. It has been there for me for two decades, I hope I can do it justice.