Splitting the Atom: Two of Wands

Splitting the Atom: Two of Wands


The words that Oppenheimer borrowed from the Baghavad Gita to reflect upon his role in the creation of the world’s worst weapon ever developed, “I am become Death, destroyer of life” come to mind when I view the Thoth version of the two of wands. The central wands on the card are crossed. They are phallic, they are red and angry and to me they look like nuclear warheads crossed. Oppenheimer and Einstein famously begged our government not to use this technology as a weapon. It was to be the most abundant source of energy known to mankind, aside from the sun.
All of this is depicted on the card, at least with the hindsight of the twentieth century. When we examine what elemental fire is, the Ace of Wands, we are sure to realize it isn’t just fire, not in the sense that a campfire or a lit candle is fire. It is more than that–the wand is energy, a spiritual force that brings into being as well as it can extinguish. It is power, energy, force, will and dominance. With Mars in Aries, a place that it finds comfort and support, it adopts a bellicose nature.

As I have mentioned before when discussing twos, the ruling Sepiroth is Chokma, the male energy of wisdom. It also describes the flow of the element as well as the splitting of it. The flow of energy in such fiery climes is guaranteed to be a thing of power. The crossing of the wands ripples out into a red sun. Dominion. Through the display of arms but not the use of them power has been partitioned globally to create a peace that is always heavy with the possibility of war.

When an individual person, you or your querant, is embarking on a new venture the message of this card is like the pleas of Oppenheimer and Einstein (although this is, of course, overstated). Use the force of your will on this project but proceed with caution. The will can be a weapon of oppression but it can also be a powerful, energetic and creative force. The twos can create life where there was the suggestion of life, it can mirror the life-form of the Ace and bring it into the world. It’s the bold Aries who forges ahead in the face of adversity but it is the wise Aries that realizes that his power comes from an indefatagible force and not one that is divided up by the powerful.

Ill-dignified this card warns against pushing too hard. It also warns that enemies can be powerful (and dangerous) too. It warns that the wands walk a fine line between projecting one’s own creative force and using it to subjugate others.


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