Sigils with Serendipity Wyrd

Sigils with Serendipity Wyrd

This video is an excellent introduction to sigil making! Serendipity Wyrd explores some of the techniques she uses to make and charge sigils.

In my opinion, the Mercury Retrograde season is a great time to do some sigil work. Dig those symbols out of the depths your subconscious and create some magickal images! You can even make one to protect yourself against the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde.

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Serendipity Wyrd is a witch crafting the magickal life she desires. Follow her YouTube adventures along through her triumphs and challenges as she creates her new reality!

If you are looking for more ways to deal with the Mercury Rx clusterf*[email protected] with this Mercury Retrograde Reverse Psychopomp Ritual


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