Planetary Magick: Making a Scrying Bowl Charged with Neptune

Planetary Magick: Making a Scrying Bowl Charged with Neptune

This is part of an ongoing series about using Planetary Magick to stimulate, enhance, inspire, channel and direct energies toward creative ends. In past posts, I have discussed how the Sun is the primal planet in relation to nourishing the creative soul and how Mercury Retrograde can be used follow the path the soul has taken. We also took look at the planet Venus and its power to enliven the senses. Today we will explore the bright blue mystery of Neptune and it’s ability to jog the deep subconscious and psychic minds to inspire creative visions as well as clairvoyance.

Neptune is a “modern” planet, discovered in 1846. It earned the distinction of being the only planet in our solar system discovered through mathematics. A look at photos of Neptune and you can see why he is named after the Roman god of the sea (as well as other bodies of water). Neptune is considered an ice giant as it is composed largely of ice. It has an atmosphere of hydrogen, helium and methane, like it’s neighbor Uranus. But scientists attribute an unknown gas that imparts its vivid azure hue. That is part of it’s mystery, scientifically speaking.

Channeling Neptune for Creativity and Intuition

From a magickal perspective. Neptune’s style of intuitive messaging affects the subtle body. It conveys messages of a spiritual and emotional nature, that are best used for higher purposes. Neptune communicates through clairvoyant visions, the empathic sense and intuition. Employing Neptune’s messages in the service of great art honors the planet appropriately. Some people use these psychic connections to hold space for others to explore their own relationships to deities and the spirit world. This also fulfills Neptune’s mission – to transcend boundaries and dissolve into to the boundless. Water magick, clairvoyance or artistic channeling are the most fitting methods of reaching out and touching the blue planet to receive those psychic messages.


Neptune in the Natal Chart

Neptune is considered by astrologers to be the higher octave of Venus. This means that it takes the drive of Venus — to connect with others, to inspire love and beauty — and makes it a transcendent experience. Where Venus’ love is embodied and sensual, Neptune has an effusive style. His love spreads across boundaries, it defies the very the existence of them. His creative influence on one’s life can be all-consuming, transcendent and very, very prolific. Neptune blurs interpersonal lines and can be responsible for deep empathic abilities, intuition and psychic ability in particular inner sight.

Neptune can definitely have a dark side, which is something to keep in mind. If someone’s Neptune has difficult placements with hard aspects, it can signify drug and alcohol abuse, codependency, dubious morality and a general lack of boundaries. The interesting thing is that if a person has difficult Neptune placements and overcomes them, the victory will be lasting and can resonate on a spiritual level. Neptune at its best is the planet of divinity, gnosis and the transcendence of the mundane for the sublime.

I think it is always good to investigate a planet in your own natal chart before working with it magickally. This can give you a better sense of how to approach it. If you haven’t already, take a look at your natal chart on a free service like AstroDeinst.

Planetary Correspondences

Metal: Platinum

Gemstones: Amethyst, lapis lazuli, sugilite, sodalite, Herkimer diamond, Alexanderite and aquamarine.

Herbs: Ocean plants, night-blooming jasmine, lobelia, morning glory and pine.

Symbols: Trident, conch shell, bull and dolphin.

Preparing for the Ritual

Scrying bowls are an excellent way to work with the energies of Neptune. Using the reflective surface of the water to trigger visions, intuitions and other messages, we can really tap into the depth of the collective unconscious and perhaps to the guides and deities that we invite to the ritual.

You will need:

  • A bowl, clean and cleansed.
  • Clean, filtered water in a pitcher that has been ritually cleansed. Moon water is great for this, particularly water charged under the full Pisces moon.
  • Amethyst (the more pieces the better) other great stones of Neptune include Neptune lapis lazuli, sugilite, sodalite, Herkimer diamond, Alexanderite and aquamarine.
  • Journal or sketchbook, writing and drawing implements.
  • Two candles, any combination of blue, white and purple.
  • A small altar: this can be a box or a table with enough room around the bowl to place stones and candles.
  • A dark purple or blue cloth to cover the surface.
  • A Hanged Man card from a Tarot deck
  • Optional: Jasmine essential oil, sea shells, pearls, silver charms related to the sea.

Preparing the Scrying Bowl and Water

In your sacred space or in a quiet place in which you won’t be interrupted, assemble the altar for your bowl. Drape fabric. Optional: dress candles with essential oil and carve symbols relating to Neptune into the candles.

Take a moment to charge the active elements of your ritual with your intention. The candles, gemstones, bowl and water should all be charged with Neptune’s energy. Visualize yourself receiving intuitions and messages through the surface of the water. When everything is charged, place the bowl on the altar with gemstones and other elements placed around it. Place a candle on either side of the bowl.


Cast a circle in the style of your tradition

Take a moment to center yourself. Invoke your deities and guides if applicable.

Incant the following invocation:

Mighty Neptune, an azure jewel, far away in the night sky
Dissolve the boundaries, connect me to the mysteries of life
Ripple the waters of the unconscious with your trident so bright
Infuse the water in this bowl with your power of clear sight

Make this plea: Neptune, so powerful and strong, I ask that you transmit these messages in a way for the greatest healing good.

Relax your mind. Take in the visual stimuli around you. Meditate on the Hanged Man card. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, in between your eyebrows. Do this for a few minutes and then gaze into the bowl. Allow your vision to blur and your receptive senses to fill the room. Take note of any images, intuitive messages, symbols or words that you perceive. Hold this focus for about fifteen minutes. At the end of the session, write all of your observations in your journal or draw in your sketchbook. Allow it to flow freely in the associative style of Neptune. The recording of impressions is another step of gaining new ones!

When you are done, thank your deities, guides and Neptune for showing up for your ritual. Release and reabsorb the circle. Make sure you do some proper grounding. If you can, get your feet into the earth and let any extraneous energy ripple from your body into the ground. This step is very important when working with Neptune as his energy can be quite intoxicating!

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