Planetary Magick: Bathing in the Beauty of Venus

Planetary Magick:  Bathing in the Beauty of Venus

This is part of an ongoing series about using Planetary Magick to stimulate, enhance, inspire, channel and direct energies toward creative ends. In past posts, I have discussed how the Sun is the primal planet in relation to nourishing the creative soul and how Mercury Retrograde can be used follow the path the soul has taken. Now, let’s take a look at  the planet Venus and its power to enliven the senses and to tap into an inner abundance that allows creativity and beauty to flourish.

Venus is the planet most often visible to the naked eye. When the planet presents at its brightest, it shines more vibrantly than any other star in the sky. It appears as the “Evening Star,” the first to shine forth as the Sun goes down.  In this role, it is also the “wishing star,” on whose light many make their appeals. Venus is alternately termed the “Morning Star” because it often appears a couple hours before sunrise.  From this, it earns the appellation “light bringer,” “Phosphoros” in Greek or “Lucifer” in Latin.

This duality made our ancestors revere Venus as a planet of intriguing beauty, mystery and complexity.

Venus in the Natal Chart

Though Planetary Magick is separate from astrology, I think it understanding the planet in terms of our own natal charts offers another layer of personalization and effectiveness.  What sign is your Venus in? What house? What aspects does it make with other planets? Knowing these things is not essential for this magick to work but it might give you an understanding of the role Venus plays in your life. Take a moment to learn about what your Venus has to say about your artistic style. Where does she land in your houses? (you need your birth time for this!) All of this information might help you direct your Venus-inspired magickal efforts to best fit your astrological thumb print. Here is a great site to get a free natal chart drawn up. It also has a lot of other free resources to help you learn what these placements mean.

Venus and Beauty

The main drive of the planet Venus is to create harmonious relationships. The planet also strives to enhance fertility and promote growth. Goddesses associated with Venus often rule the domain of the heart as well as that of sensuality and sexuality. Venus rules the signs Libra and Taurus. In these, it is easy to see the planet’s drives at play. Libra, represented by the scales, is an air sign, one who aims for harmony. In art this energy strives to maintain a type of beauty which pleases the social norm. In Taurus, the drive of Venus is to create abundance and present an earthy beauty is most present.  Consider what beauty means to you and how it informs your creative pursuits. How do you allow the earthy Venus to stimulate your senses making  you more present in your own work?

Planetary Correspondences *

Metal: Copper
Gemstones: Emerald, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Aventurine, Jade, Pink Calcite, Prehnite, Lapis Lazuli (find more Venusian gemstones  here).
Herbs: Lemon Balm, Lemon Myrtle, Rose, Jasmine, Star Anise, Seeds  (find more herbs of Venus here)
Symbols: Venus planetary symbol, sparrow, dove, swan. You may also use symbols that speaks to you on a sensual level and makes you want to create

Preparing for the Ritual

This potion will be poured into a bath. What makes you feel pampered during a bath? While you are gathering ingredients, include things that make you feel luxurious. Maybe a glass of champagne or a cup of delicious tea would be a good accompaniment. Is there a chocolate item that makes you feel luxurious? Maybe a small lemon poppy cake would delight you. Also, make a playlist of songs that stir your sensuality! Perhaps you like silky bubbles IN the bath too?  Pick a candle, pink or green and 4 tea lights, for ambiance.

Pentagram of Venus


  • Image of Pentagram of Venus (above)
  • Three herbs of Venus
  • Rose, Geranium or Jasmine Essential Oils
  • Total of five of the following: copper items (even copper coins), gemstones and other charms that depict personal or classical symbols of Venus. Make sure items are properly cleansed prior to use.
  • 1 cup Coconut milk
  • 1 oz Rose Water
  • Mixture of Pink Himalayan Sea Salts and Magnesium Salts (Epsom Salt), proportions to your liking, 1-2 cups
  • A pretty flower (or a few) that you are certain contains no pesticides
  • A well thought out and concise intention, stated in the present tense. E.g. “I am making 1-3 paintings per month.” “I am improving my singing voice every day.” “I am making breakthroughs in my poetry.”

Preparing the Potion

  • Make a strong decoction of the three herbs you have selected into 3 cups filtered water and one cup coconut water, add salts and dissolve fully
  • Strain into jar or a clean vase that you will place in center of your grid
  • On each of the petals points, place one of the objects for the grid, so they are touching the glass.
  • Put a drop of essential oil on each of the candles. Carve symbols and/or words representing the intention of your ritual into the larger candle
  • Place each candle at the edge of the circle, in a straight line from the tips of the petals with the larger candle at the top
  • Light the larger candle (tea lights can remain unlit). Add remaining ingredients to the potion.
  • Raise energy in a way that seems fitting to you. If you are unsure, here is a good resource. Direct the energy toward your potion.
  • When you are ready, incant the following (or use your own words)

Venus of the morning; Venus of the night
Venus who who shines with her delicious might
Show me harmony, beauty and sensual delight
Allow my creative bounty to be beautiful and bright
I make this intention clear: [state your intention]

Make it So! (or whatever you say)

Bathing in the Beauty of Venus

When this potion is done, it may be stored for later use or, better yet, used directly in your bath. When you are ready to perform your ritual, remember to put your candle and tealights in safe places around the tub. (Don’t forget to clean and cleanse the bathroom for your ritual) Also, set up your other sensory items: get the music ready, put flowers around the bathroom and pour your beverage. Feel free to use the gemstones and other charms to place around the bathtub.

Draw the bath. As the water is filling the tub, cast your circle in the style to which you are accustomed. Invoke deities or elements if you desire and invoke the planet Venus. When the bath is more than half full,  light the larger candle. Pour the potion in. As you are doing so, repeat the incantation.  Wait for the bath to fill and make sure everything is ready. When it is done, Pluck the petals and float them atop the milky bath.

As you find yourself relaxing in the tub with all of your candles lit, notice the smells that arise from the bath and the candles. How do they make you feel? Let your sense of hearing detect the details of the music. Let your sense of taste detect the complexities of your beverage, chocolates or whatever else you decided to bring to the ritual to consume. Do the tastes remind you of anything? How does it feel in your mouth?  Cast your eyes at the petals in your bath you and what do you see? Can you detect elements of harmony? How does the water feel against your body? Make sure you are fully engaged with your senses because that is the point of the bath!

After you have done this, with eyes closed, visualize, to the best of your ability, the evening sky as the first star emerges and shines brightly. Repeat your incantation a third time, stating your intention three times. When you are ready to get out, release the energy of the magic and then open the circle.

* Resources:

Planetary Magic 4: Venus, Love and Money

Lyko Enodia Zang

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