The Thin Veil

It took Samhain for me to see how much I’ve changed. Through my practice I have learned to be less reactive, more present in the moment and closer to the things I hold dear. All of these things have helped my psychologically, taming my PTSD symptoms and have made it easier to breathe. Last Samhain, I was so desperate to ….

The Unicorn’s Surprise

I was sifting through a tub of junk jewelry today when I found a pewter unicorn pendant. I’m not sure of the metal but my guess is stainless steel. It’s lovely and not at all tacky. I assume it must be lucky to find such an item but despite believing in magic, I’m really not superstitious. It is however meaningful. I ….

Let the Sunshine In – A Simple Happiness Spell

Sunday, the day on which we celebrate the sun, is an excellent time for happiness magick. Maybe it’s a good time to pick up a habit that may help you through the SAD season. ***This is not a substitute for a good therapist and medical interventions that have been deemed necessary for you. But all of us sufferers know that sometimes we ….

Kali Demon Cleanse

This post contains a suggestion for a visualization technique that I have used to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. It is not meant to cure or diagnose. It can be used by magical practitioners and non-practitioners alike. I left the wording vague. Meeting Darkness With the Dark I have found that sometimes my darkness is so thick that only other ….

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