Nose to the Grindstone, Eye on the Prize: Knight of Coins (Pentacles, Disks)

Nose to the Grindstone, Eye on the Prize: Knight of Coins (Pentacles, Disks)


While talking with Lisa Mooncat about court cards the other day, she suggested that there might be real life correlatives in our own lives to the characters portrayed on the cards. There are a few court cards for which I find this to be true. The Prince of Disks is one of them. When I see him, I think of my brother. My brother is a master with his hands. He can garden, build computers, fix your iPhone, put up sheet-rock and build furniture.

The Prince of Disks is above all industrious but he is no worker bee. Having gotten his hands dirty in the element of earth, he wants to make it into new things. The Princes/Knights are great experimenters. Sometimes they suffer from the righteousness of the recently converted and really get immersed in the element. Sometimes they can be a little cocky, showing off their new-found skills and using their intellects to produce unexpected results.

The Prince of Disks is something of an architect/builder. He doesn’t work with plans that are handed to him. He sticks to his own imagination which makes him more versatile than the Knight (King) of Disks who has mastered his element and sees no reason to reinvent the wheel.  The Prince of Disks has a whiff of Virgo (my brother is a Virgo so there’s part of the connection). He is exceptionally detail oriented and if he fails at something it is due to his own perfectionism. At times the Prince of Disks needs to be reminded of the big picture to save him from going off in the wrong direction and not stopping to ask for directions.

While the Prince/Knight is a figure of air and leads from his intellect, he is riding his beast through the mud. It’s easy for over-thinkers to get caught up in minutae and become obsessed over the perfection of each item. This is really the downside of this card. While an inversion could suggest more attention to detail might be helpful, if the Prince is standing tall in the way of something it is most likely due to his own stubborn fixation on something insignificant.

As a person he is certainly trustworthy although he might be a bit of a workaholic. He has a good imagination. It is always possible that this card relates to health. If this is the case, it might mean that it’s time to think outside the box, find a doctor who views the systems of the body as a whole and tries novel approaches, particularly if you or the querent is facing health problems. Other interpretations may include a new approach to something material: finances, work or a living situation.

Some questions to ask:
Am I paying close enough attention to the details?
Am I getting caught up in the small things?
Is there a different approach to my situation?
Have I revisited my big plan lately?


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