Mercury Retrograde Reverse Psychopomp Ritual

Mercury Retrograde Reverse Psychopomp Ritual

Fear of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is without a doubt the most talked about and feared retrograde of them all. That is probably because it’s the only one the vast majority of people know about. And yes, many people experience frustration in travel, commerce in communications during the period that Mercury appears to do the backward mambo across the night sky. Still more blame every single thing that happens on Mercury’s trickster antics. I wouldn’t rush to judgment though, during this Mercury Rx, people really have a lot of sources to choose from. Pluto, Saturn and Mars will all also be in retrograde.  Some of those planets have a much heavier bat to swing than Mercury’s delicate caduceus.

Consider the mythology of Mercury for a moment, before bemoaning the next Retrograde period. In addition to being the “fleet-footed” god of commerce, the messenger of the gods and a patron of poets, crafters an thieves, Mercury is also a psychopomp who guides souls to the afterlife. Well, when Mercury traverses backwards through the stars at night, we can use that time to reverse course to retread the path our souls have taken thus far. Looking backward and taking inventory in such a manner is crucial to living a creative, magickal life. It can also provide material for artistic and magickal projects. Mercury retrograde slows things down enough to do just that.


Astrological Mercury

Astrologically, the planet Mercury signifies  the abilities we possess to connect with each other through communication, commerce and artistic endeavors. He rules the third house of Communications and Early Life. If you have a strong Mercury in your chart, you know the push and pull the scampish planet has on these endeavors as he phases in and out of direct and retrograde with his signature deftness. People with significant Virgo or Gemini in their charts, in general, probably know this game as well.

If you don’t know where Mercury is in your chart, you can create a free AstroDeinst profile that will walk you through the steps. They even have a feature called AstroClick Portrait (under free horoscopes) that allows you to click on any part of your chart to learn what it means. It might help to know where Mercury lives in your chart because it could provide useful context for this ritual.

If you are not interested in reaping the bounty that your chart has to offer, you can still do the Mercury Reverse Psychopomp Ritual that will help open you up to the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde: the slowing down of the hustle and bustle as well as potentially communicating with a part of your consciousness that your deep memory enfolds. Hidden in the depths of the unconscious are the deep connections between the memories that make up our past lives. These connections, or synchronicities, are the stuff of both magick and art. This is why dreams are a goldmine for inspiration and understanding.

A good time to start this ritual is on the first day of Mercury Retrograde and/or any day that Mercury is in Retrograde.

Thoth Tarot, US Games

Mercury Retrograde Reverse Psychopomp Ritual

What you will need:

  • Pack of Tarot cards with the Magician pulled out
  • Sketchbook and/or Journal
  • Yellow beeswax candle (a votive is great)
  • Lavender and/or Clary Sage essential oil
  • EO Roller
  • Mugwort, Lavender and Anise dried or fresh herbs
  • Tea cup

Perform this ritual every night as you fall asleep for as many nights as you like during which Mercury is in retrograde.

Prepare a few days worth of tea in a big batch. The proportions are 1 tsp of each herb per cup of water. This will be strong. If you have never taken mugwort before, taper up, starting with a half teaspoon per cup of water. For each night you do the ritual, pour a cup of tea into your tea cup and drink it about an hour before going to sleep.

On the first night of the ritual, dress the candle. You can carve the Mercury symbol and any other relevant symbols or sigils into the candle and then rub it with the oil until it is coated. While you are dressing the candle, imagine yourself pulling the information gathered out of your dreams into your journal as whatever type of art you’d like.

Make this petition to Mercury

Hail Mercury, Guide of the Soul

Please listen to me as you dance backward through the night’s sky

I ask you to retrace with me the blurred and forgotten steps of my soul

Let me remember each hidden connection as it passes my mind’s eye

So that I can see the part each detail plays within the whole

Intention: I will remember my dreams tonight (repeat x 3)

Extinguish candle properly, so that you can use it to repeat the ritual.


Retracing your Soul’s Path

Place the journal or sketchpad next to your bed. Leave the Magician card up, on top of the journal.

When you lie down do fall asleep repeat this intention again. It may not work the first night, but give it some time. Also, be prepared in case anything upsetting comes up. As with any magick, it is good to have a buddy to talk to. Maybe find someone with whom to do this ritual.

In the morning when you wake up, pick a Tarot card from the deck and place it next to you as another point of entry into your subconscious mind. Write any details you can remember from your dream, interweaving the meaning of your card and how you interpret it within the dream. If you can’t remember the dream at all, start writing an interpretation of the card. Let your thoughts flow, fast and loose without considering the usual things like grammar. Try to keep it legible. If you need to use your phone or computer, make sure you keep it next to your bed. The least amount of distance between the end your dream and you ustarting writing, the better.

If you are drawing, follow the above instructions but with imagery instead of words.

Lyko Enodia Zang

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