Lilith Rising: An Energy Raising Ritual Invoking the Goddess Lilith

Lilith Rising: An Energy Raising Ritual Invoking the Goddess Lilith

The goddess Lilith is portrayed in mythology and religious texts as something of a chimera. According to these stories, she is alternately a deadly terrifying hag and a seductress in possession of a raw, punishing sexuality. She is the mother of demons, an eviscerating screech owl and the cause of sexual powerlessness men.

Her mythology seems to have arisen from a masculine fear of the power of female sexuality and the loss of control men sometimes fear in the face of it. In later stories, she also represents the fear held by patriarchal institution, of a woman rejecting the tradition of subservience and child-rearing in favor of her own empowerment.

She has been portrayed by artists, writers and theologians as both painfully seductive and a murderer of babies. But is this the truth of Lilith? Does she hide something nurturing, healing or instructive underneath all of those layers?

I have created this Dark Moon ritual to explore the ways in which we can relate to Lilith by embodying her power and sensual force.

We will use this power for whatever kind of self-healing we need or magick we are working right now, storing the excess in a vessel and returning to it regularly, to stoke it or to sit with it and tap into its energy.

You will need:

  • Beeswax candle, the bigger the better
  • Cauldron, cast iron pot or other iron vessel. If you don’t have one, a clay pot will do. You may also just use a your candle to store energy, if it’s a large pillar candle.
  • Jasmine and patchouli EO or other scent that you find gorgeous or darkly seductive
  • Music that makes you move, feel sexy and in tune with your body
  • Scarf, maracas, tambourine, egg shaker, finger cymbals (Optional)
  • Glass of red wine or mug of relaxing tea
  • A piece of paper and writing implement to write your intention

The Ritual:

  • Casually sip your wine or tea.
  • Cleanse and consecrate your body and ritual space. Set up music and lay props near where you will be situated. Place candle inside cauldron or pot.
  • Write your healing or magickal intention on the paper. Be very specific. This ritual is especially good for ongoing healing but that is not necessary.
  • Cast your circle in the style of your tradition, Light candle and invoke Lilith.


Hail Lilith, Night Queen of the Desert Road

Who has been called demon, vampire and succubus

And by many other names

Who changes like a chimera in the shifting light

Hail Lilith, who doesn’t bow, whose voice and appearance inspires dread and lust

Please grace my ritual with your presence!

Turn the music on and feel your body start  to sway. Feel an orange glow begin to warm the space between your hips. As you dance, imagine your whole body glowing and warm. Feel your feet tingle, growing roots down to the molten center of the Earth. As you dance, imagine the heat traveling up the roots into your body. Do this to whatever level is suitable to your physical ability. 

Do this dance as long as you want. Imagine your body feeling powerful, your creativity swelling and your innate sexuality bubbling inside. Feel this power rush through your blood vessels, warm your muscle tissue and flood your brain with oxytocin, our brains’ own love drug.

When you have finished dancing, kneel or sit in front of the cauldron (or pot or candle). Take what you need of that energy for now, speaking your intention out loud with words of activation.

Feel the rest of the energy you have generated swell up into your hands and then direct it into the vessel. Envision this energy storing itself in the object for later use. Tell the energy to stay there, to purify and grow. Promise that you will come back for it when you need it.

To retrieve energy at a later date:

  • Take out your cauldron and candle.
  • Drop some of the scent you used in the first ritual into the bottom of the cauldron.
  • Light the candle.

Place your hands on the vessel in which you’ve stored your energy, uttering the invocation of Lilith. Restate your intention from before, if that’s appropriate. Adapt it as needed. If you require the energy for a new purpose, write a new intention. Take what energy you need, leaving the remainder for later. You should add more energy to the vessel as you are inclined to do so, particularly on the dark moon.

The energy won’t remain in the vessel forever. Make sure you use it!

Nikki Zang Roszko

Nikki Zang Roszko is a Reiki Witch with gray leanings and an eye to the stars. She is the writer of things.

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