Let the Sunshine In – A Simple Happiness Spell

Let the Sunshine In – A Simple Happiness Spell

Sunday, the day on which we celebrate the sun, is an excellent time for happiness magick. Maybe it’s a good time to pick up a habit that may help you through the SAD season. ***This is not a substitute for a good therapist and medical interventions that have been deemed necessary for you.

But all of us sufferers know that sometimes we need extra juice, even when we are taking medication and exercising, eating right and all of the things we do to keep ourselves out of the mire.

Sometimes we want to be a part of our own cure.

Sometimes we just want to laugh and smile effortlessly. Maybe we are irritable and don’t want to be.

This spell is meant to be playful and empowering. It’s not high ritual magic but if you enter into it with a real need for relief, with a suspension of disbelief and devoid of preconceptions it can really lift your spirits.

This is not recommended for severe states of depression. Also, it’s best used at the first signs of a dipping mood.

Liquid Sunshine (should last about a month)

-1 cup Dr. Bronner’s Soap
-3 Drops Frankincense
-1 Drop Ginger
-1 Drop Rosemary
-3 Drops Melissa
-2 Tbsps Chamomile hydrosol or strong chamomile tea (4 bags, 15 minute steep)
-1 squeeze of honey
-2 Tbsps sweet almond oil

You can also use a bar of natural soap if you don’t have essential oils on hand. Or make a strong cup of chamomile and ginger tea and use with natural loofah. Each way will have its own benefits. If using the soap, don’t neglect to charge it. Put it on a windowsill that is getting lots of sun and let it absorb those Vitamin D enriched rays any time it’s sunny. The longer you let it sit in the sun, the better. Carve into the soap, the symbol for the sun and any other symbols you think would be helpful. Sixes are associated with the sun via tarot and lions via astrology.

The following are sun gods (Maybe one feels right to you or maybe you just smile and think of the sun):

Aditi, Ah Kinchil, Ama-Terasu, Apollo, Aten, Bast, Brighid, Dhatara, Frey, Helios/Sol, Itzamna, Lucifer, Mithra, Mystere, Nitten, Paiva, Ra, Savitar

Cleanse your bathroom as your tradition requires. If this is a first time attempt at this sort of thing, make the place feel special. Burn a yellow candle if you have one. Tidy up.

As you either stand in the shower or sit in the bath, soap your dominant hand with the liquid soap or hold the bar or loofah. Moving in a clockwise position, invite the sun in with you. Feel it radiate in your solar plexus and feel it expand its reach locally, globally, to the stars, your imagination is your only limitation. Keep this visualization going, as much as possible while you make your petition. Here are the kinds of things I said:

Please give to me an easy smile

Please bless me with belly laughter

Please make my mood light

And my manner as bright as the sun

So that I can see my happiness and joy

Reflect back at me in the faces of the people

I see and in everything that I do.

Personalize this. Say things that *feel* happy. Make sure you are really in the moment. Notice yourself smile and experience the warmth of the sun on your face (use your imagination).

If you come across the sun later in the day, make contact with it, thank it, bask in it, soak up what you can of its dwindling rays.


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