Five Fingers Potion for Prosperity and Health

Five Fingers Potion for Prosperity and Health

I developed my Five Fingers Potion this year as spring was coming. There was a stale energy in my home and I was getting sick of it! We were feeling sluggish and a bit depressed. The cats were even less impressed with us than usual. I knew I had to turn it around, starting with a good clean and cleanse of my home! But that wasn’t going to be enough. I had to replenish the good juju that felt like it had been snuffed out by the snow and ice.

I like using planetary magick when I create herbal concoctions. For the purposes of this potion, I decided to call upon the warming and energizing planets. Venus led the way with Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Mars.  The herbs I chose are warming and reinvigorating. They are multi-faceted herbs that have a lot of uses in a witch’s cabinet. They are also fairly common and easy to come by.


  • Cinqfoil (Mercury and Venus)
  • Basil (Venus)
  • Marjoram (Mercury and Venus)
  • Red Rose (Venus, Jupiter and Mars)
  • Ginger Root (Mars, Sun)
  • Orange Peel (Sun)
  • Bay Leaf (or leaves)

Boost with essential oils (optional) :
Rose, Orange, Tangerine or Neroli.

*(dried works best)

You can mix and infuse these herbs into boiling water as you are accustomed to or you can adapt the following planetary witchery!


For planetary potion making ritual, you will need:

  • Herbs from above, labelled and assembled
  • Glass cutting board dedicated for magickal purposes
  • Herb grinder
  • Chopsticks dedicated for this purpose
  • A printout of the Pentagram of Venus (above)
  • A large bowl
  • Fresh filtered water
  • Mason jar with lid
  • A pink candle
  • A symbolic representation of each of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and Mars (this could be simple like the planetary symbol or it could be gemstones, metals, etc.)
  • Music that fits your intention


Cleanse yourself in whatever manner feels best – bath, shower, clean clothes. I like to do an energetic cleansing before magick. Cleanse, consecrate and charge items you will be using in your ritual.

Also, cleanse your ritual space. Set it up as follows: Place the Pentagram of Venus under the cutting board. Place the candle at the top of your workspace with the representations of the planets at each point of the Pentagram with the one representing Venus at the top. Fill the mason jar 3/4 full with fresh water.

Get in a magickal mind frame. To me, it’s not witchcraft without the following: Quiet your mind and relax your body. Ground through the earth and sky. Open up to the planetary energies and deities you work with. If you are agnostic or atheistic, open to the universal energy. I do both. Weave your own witch power with all of this additional energy. Center it in your belly and let it warm your whole body, your chakras and fill your hands with buzzy warmth. That’s how I know I am ready to go.

Brewing the Potion

Cast your circle and invoke deities, the elements and guides.

Turn your music on and get to work!

Reserve the ginger root and bay leaf but mix the rest of the herbs together in the bowl. Quantities are not important but you want the whole mixture to fit in the mason jar.

Engage your intention and visualization. I like to spread the herbal mixture on the cutting board and write words, planetary symbols and personal sigils into the herbs with the chopsticks. Grind all of these things together and add to water, swirling it around witch chopsticks.

Write your intention on the bay leaf. If you have more than one intention, use more than one bay leaf. I also write the planetary symbols on sliced ginger root. You can also write other sigils on these! When you place these into the infusing mix, do so with intention. Call for the benevolence of each planet. As you put the lid on and shake the mixture visualize your desired outcome with as much detail as possible.

Focus all of the energy that you have invoked into your hands and let them grow warm and tingle. Hold the jar in your hand and focus all of that energy into the mixture.

This is a cold infusion. I leave the mixture overnight and then strain it into a mister. I spray this into all of the corners of my freshly cleansed home with intention, visualizing a beautiful pink light filling the space, filling the inhabitants of the home and lifting our spirits. The infusion lasts three days. I like to refresh my home over that time, thinking about the warmth growing and strengthening as I do so!

This would also make a great alcohol infusion that could be dropped into an all natural home cleaner.


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