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The Door Unlocked: The Eight of Wands

Position 3, Past An unexpected thing started to happen to me as I began this project of pulling cards and writing about them. It became apparent that I was doing  a reading for myself. I think that it’s important to understand the self-referential relationship between reader and cards if we are ever going to get good at this. We see ourselves ….

Ch-ch-ch-changes Two of Disks (Pentacles)

Position 2, Situation I know that some of us have a distaste for Aleister Crowley and there are some good reasons for that. His Thoth Deck was the one I learned on and I am partial to it. The art is fantastic. It’s all very intentional but emotionally evocative at the same time. My friends and clients always pick up the ….

The Hanged Man

  Position 1. Self When do I see the Hanged Man? When I have no control over a situation whatsoever, there he is. If I am having difficulty pulling the trigger on something–a project, a breakup, quitting a job, applying for jobs, there he is. He often comes when I am sick but I don’t perceive him as a warning ….

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