A Solar Ritual for your Creative Soul

A Solar Ritual for your Creative Soul

Planets, the Sun and Creativity

Being a creative witch can offer its advantages. Unlike other artists who are not magickally inclined, we have somewhere to turn when the tides are out but we would like to get them moving. We have that extra push to put behind our efforts to see creative rewards! For instance, planetary magick is a powerful tool to add a commanding presence to your ritual.

Every planet in the astrological skyscape is involved in some part of the creative process. In my Crafty Witch: Planetary Magick series, I will present magickal ways to petition each of them in order to find inspiration, ingenuity, aesthetic style, motivation, discipline, communication, a bit of luck and a connection to your emotional nature and your self expression. Astrologers pay a lot of attention to the Moon, Venus and Neptune. Those are powerful planets for digging deep in terms of inspiration. But no planet is more primal than the Sun when it comes to self expression.

In astrology, the Sun represents who we are as individuals and how we project our wills into the world. It represents our unique perspectives. In planetary magick, the Sun is a masculine planet petitioned for success in just about any area of our lives. It is the planet we go for in spells related to work, wealth, healing, growth, justice, love and career. If you are interested in tending to the flame of your creative fire (which is located about a 1/2 inch above of your witch fire with LOTS of overlap) the Sun is definitely a good place to start.

The Sun and your Creative Pursuits

With this ritual, can target the Sun’s talents in the direction of a specific area of your creative life. Perhaps you are stuck, lack inspiration, a job in your field, publication or want to cultivate an audience. Solar influence has a magnanimous quality that is quite friendly to work with. It makes sense because the physical sun is literally the center of our galaxy. It provides us with a large portion of  the essential building blocks we need to exist at all.

In astrology, Leo rules the 5th House, the House of Fun. As the Sun rules Leo, that puts this playful, fruitful house squarely in the solar domain. In a overwhelming majority of the charts I’ve looked at that belong to artists, the 5th house plays a part. My own 5th house contains Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation. I take my play very seriously! Do you know what’s going on in your fifth house? It might be time to take a look!


A Solar Ritual for your Creative Soul


  • Yellow Votive Candle
  • One or more of the following essential oils in 2 TBSP of carrier oil – tangerine, frankincense, clary sage, sweet melissa.
  • Planetary symbol of the Sun
  • Something yellow to color with. Something purple to write with.
  • Optional: Sun Tarot card from your oldest or favorite deck, astrological symbol for your Sun sign, a song that makes you feel happy and free.
  • Snuffer
  • oh and matches. 😉

You can add more ingredients to this array if you want. In fact, you should. You could make a mug of ginger tea with honey or include a piece of amber or a gold bracelet. To really personalize this ritual, find at least one other item that corresponds to the sun.

This ritual should be repeated often, until your desired outcome comes to pass or you decide to try for something else. I recommend either repeating it every day for a week or four times for a month of Sundays This type of repetition is a great way to honor the planet and maybe grease his benevolent palm just a little bit.

Licensed under Creative Commons

An Appeal to the Sun

In magick, if you want something, you have to be specific and get to the point in terms of your intention. When I am intention setting, I craft a relatively  simple sentence with a powerful action verb. Write your intention in the present tense. “I work on my novel every day for an hour,” “Galleries are paying attention to my submission,” “I am learning how to stretch my vocal range.” Make it specific and make it realistic.

Remember, the Sun’s drive is to make things flourish, so consider that when writing your intention. Keep in mind that for magick to have a sustainable effect, the intention should follow the rules of SMART goals when making your ask. Also create an action plan. You can write this on the back of your sun symbol. Write at least five achievable things you plan to do, in addition to your magick, to make your dream a reality.

You can use the following incantation in the ritual, tweak it or write your own. As a poet who writes blank verse I bucked against the rhyming couplets for most of my witching life. I have found that my magickal voice is stronger and more commanding when I speak in couplets. Thank you, Shakespeare!

Don’t forget to make a meaningful offering to the Sun, the Universe,  Nature, deity or Hekate. This offering could consist of breaking a bad habit (procrastination?) or donating to an art fund for youth or a libation of mead or ginger beer.

If you would like to involve Hekate in this ritual, a good approach would be to use her fiery and bright aspects as well as her nurturing ones. For this ritual, I like Heiros Pyre (Holy Fire), Phaesimbrotos (Bringer of Light to Mortals), Aglaos (Radiant, Bright, Beautiful. Connotes Festivity and Song.) **

Licensed Under GNU Free Documentation License

Petition to the Sun Who Makes Us Grow

To the Sun who gives us life, warmth and food;

Who shines on us for our greatest healing good;

Solar fires help my [insert art form] grow;

Enliven my creative efforts and make them flow;

Give my mundane work that helping hand;

That will take me from good to grand;

I make my plea:

[State your intention]



Ritual (Long Version):

Prepare your spell ingredients. You can carve the symbol for the sun into your candle, along with the name of your art form and the word growth. If applicable include an epithet of Hekate or another deity you work with. Sit in front of your altar or in a space you consider sacred. Do it outside, under the sun if that is comfortable for you. Areange your spell ingredients in a way that is pleasing to you.


  • Ground/Center
  • Invoke Deity and/or Element, if applicable (optional)
  • Cast Circle
  • Light your candle – While gazing into the flame, holding the candle in your dominant hand, summon your witch fire. By this, I mean that you should locate the heat at your core, starting in your gut. Allow your consciousness to fill your entire body and warm from its center to your skin and as far as you can go.  Allow the warmth and intensity to match that of your candle flame.
    This should be an intense process and take 3-5 minutes. You might want to practice ahead of time if this is new to you. While you’re at it, memorize your incantation with your intention. This will help focus and direct your energy to your goal. At this point you can optionally engage your art form, the one for which you want the Sun’s influence. Do this for a furious minute. Write automatically, paint madly, whatever it is you do, do it in a way to generate more magickal energy.
  • With this energy ready at hand, write your intention – Utilize the negative space on the sun symbol. Get creative! Color in areas of the sun, make rays, do it up! You will be writing your intention every time you do this ritual, so space it out.
  • Say it Like You Mean It – When you feel ready, state your incantation in a commanding voice, while staring into the heart of the flame.  Repeat the incantation three times.
  • Close the Ritual – Snuff your candle properly and open your circle.


Down and Dirty Version:

When you are repeating this ritual, you can opt for the pared down version. If you are like the minimalist approach to ritual, you can opt for this from the beginning.

Sit comfortably in a sacred space. Connect to your deities/elements/nature or whatever is appropriate. Ground and center. Light your candle (which you have prepared) and gaze into it, summoning your witch fire. Write your intention on the sun sigil and then speak it aloud three times. When you are done, snuff your candle. Keep writing your intention on the sigil until it is finished. Keep it in the same space you do your creative work


Credit where credit is due:
Though this work is entirely original, I give much credit to for inspiration and style of witchery:
Keeping Her Keys who helped me bridge my magick with my *five years* of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. LOL. I consider this spell to be in the same tradition of Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft.
** Singing for Her: for Epithets of Hekate

Lyko Enodia Zang

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