Road Opener: A Crossroads Visualization

Road Opener: A Crossroads Visualization

For anybody who feels a bit blocked, here is a cleansing meditation based on a traditional Hoodoo Road Opening Spell that is intended to be performed in dual etheric/physical space. But you don’t need to have an advanced degree in Astral Travel or anything, just make yourself comfortable in your ritual space, play the meditation and relax into it. I did this on the waning crescent moon. It is suitable for any moon phase.

I recommend doing a relaxation practice before doing this visualization. Here is a short Yoga Nidra that would be great for the job!

If you want to include a physical action in your space, feel free to do whatever kind of ritual you’d like. Assemble all of your supplies prior to doing the meditation. Have a good idea of what your plan is. There is time inside the meditation to formulate your intent but you might want to have a general idea of what your block is.

Here’s a link to one version of the traditional Hoodoo spell.

Though, when I performed this ritual, I did the spell entirely within the meditative space and it was very effective. You don’t *need* anything more than the meditation and your intent.

Here is a link to the mp3s. There is a guided version and one that just has music. I am including the script for the meditation in this document if you would like to look at it ahead of time.  The music was created specifically to go along with the meditation and to help invoke the crossroads.…/dwivru…/AABfr1eMr5QpHL0MkNBMWS36a…


Meditation and Music Copyright Nikki Zang Roszko and Evil Machines (2018)
Images retain original copyright

Road Opening Meditation

Inside your Temple

You are in your home base in your astral temple. You may already know what this looks like but you may never have visited this place before. All I will say is that it’s a space that feels as familiar as your own thoughts, your own skin, your favorite room.

If you are so inclined, take a look around and make a mental note of what you see. On the altar in the middle of the space is a bag that’s been charging there for the very purpose of this ritual. It has all of the tools you will need for your ritual. You take each object out and look at it. When you are finished, repack your bag and go out the door.

Into the Woods

You see woods in the distance. They may or may not be familiar to you but something deep inside you, in the iron in your blood, knows that is where you need to be. A benevolent familiar spirit approaches you and you follow them to the woods.

All of the sudden, the fog comes on. It is so thick that you can barely see your feet. You breathe it in and it fills you with an ethereal tingle. Your magickal self starts to buzz. Breathe slowly and deeply as you follow the guide into the deep woods.

The woods are dark and the fog is thick but you still know that you are going in the right direction. You can sense the power in this forest. Following your guide, you wander off of anything resembling a well-worn path and pull yourself through the bramble, thorns piercing skin and ripping at clothes, working your feet through the rocks and roots. It’s a tug of war but the further you go the more surefooted you feel.

Breathe slowly and deeply. What does the forest smell like ?

Breathe slowly and deeply. Can you see the moon? The stars?

Breathe slowly and deeply. Is the air crisp or warm?

At the Crossroads

The drumming that you hear is almost like a heartbeat. You step out of the underbrush and onto what appears to be a worn path that has fallen out of use.

Up ahead there is a crossroads. You see that someone has lit a bonfire at the center. There are people around working, dancing. Are there faces that you recognize?

You approach the fire, which burns hot and bright as if it has always been ablaze. In your physical space, light your candle, keep in your mind’s eye, the bonfire from the center of the crossroads in your vision.

You can take this time to set an intention ot make a prayer. Perhaps you make an appeal to a crossroads deity like Papa Legba, Hekate or Odin. Maybe you see guides or ancestors. Maybe it’s just the fire.

Is there something that you are ready and willing to offer to the fire? Maybe you are aware of your own thinking that has been blocking your magickal work. Allow the recognition of these thoughts to rise to the surface of your consciousness. Keep envisioning it become denser and darker until it is a solid egg.

Feel the frustration, anger, regret or whatever feelings come up. Give them their space and allow them to condense into the egg.

How have these blockages affected your own energy? Imagine a color or a note of music or a line of poetry. Add the energy of this to that of the egg.

Has this blockage taken a physical toll? If so, imagine what it feels like on a bodily level and transfer these physical feelings into the egg.

When you are ready, throw the egg into the center of the fire and watch it burn until there is nothing left of it.

You are now free to use this space to do the additional work you have planned for this spell.


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